Beano No.1500

The 1,500th Beano from April 17th, 1971, was scarcely celebrated, nothing mentioned in the comic, not a special front page, or a free gift. If you could not see the date and number you would have thought it was a normal comic. It has a funny Biffo the Bear cover drawn by David Sutherland. He meets a dentist named I.Tuggit and Biffo runs away thinking hes going to pull out his teeth.

From the first Beano in 1938 only one character remains, Lord Snooty, drawn by Robert Nixon, Snooty needs a quick way to get to school? In true comic style instead of catching a bus, he builds a slide to the school gate, but Aunt Mat puts stop to that in the last picture.

The comic has all the “usuals” Minnie, Roger, Three Bears, Pup Parade, Little Plum, The Nibblers, and the Bash Street Kids. The adventure storys are Admiral Jumbo and Here Come the Q-Bikes. It also features the short lived strip The Belles of St.Lemons, the sister school to Bash Street. The Billy Whizz strip, drawn by Malcolm Judge, sees Billy working as a lift attendant in the aptly named Hotel De Poshe, where he causes trouble trying to race the lift.

In another 5 years Dennis would have taken Biffo’s place on the front cover, but at this landmark Biffo is still the “top dog.” Dennis, also drawn by Dave Sutherland, is found at the back of the comic causing trouble with boot polish and coal, trying to copy Commando tactics. Need I say more?

Such a landmark for a British comic was undoubtedly not celebrated as much as it should have been. I wonder if the staff and editor thought it would still be around 41 years later?